Your Home SOLD  within 59 days at a Price Acceptable to You !

Don’t start Believing that all Agents are the Same !

We Specialize in Selling Homes that  were previously Listed with other agents !

“Dominic Godfrey and his team are the best real estate agents working in the Bay Area. When other agents failed to get our house SOLD, they got it done, even with the major housing market slump going on.”
I like the way you never backed off on our negotiating, or for looking for just one more house. You are very professional and a joy to work with as our agent.. we know what type of agent we needed.. You are that type of agent.
Paul Ealey, Buyer
They are great at negotiating the price in your favor. I highly recommend them!
Mike McLaughlin, Buyer
We wanted to say thank you for all you contributed toward us managing to find our dream house. We really appreciate your patience, knowledge, and “un-pushiness”. It was the most pleasant experience we’ve ever had buying a house and we really enjoyed working with you!
All the best,
Ranvil, Sally & Trent
The Turveys, Buyers
They looked our for my interests very well and I ended up finding and purchasing a very nice property for a very good price.
Paul Savage, Buyer


So you listed your home and it didn’t sell.
The truth is that in our current market conditions, well over 50% of the homes listed don’t sell, often because you didn’t have the best agent representing you. How did you choose your last agent? Before choosing your next agent you would be well advised to thoroughly check out their actual track record of recent home sales. Most agents can tell a good story, but how many homes have they really SOLD recently? Be aware that many agents are prone to significant exaggeration! 

In 2014 we SOLD 27 homes, in other words more than one home every two weeks on a consistent basis throughout the year. In 2015 we SOLD 23 homes. How does that compare with your last agent? Do you even have any idea of their real track record ?

There are SEVEN different possible reasons your home didn’t sell previously, all of which are under the control of the agent representing you !  

Maybe you thought all real estate agents are pretty much the same. Believe me that is absolutely not the case! There can be huge [I mean HUGE ] differences between individual agents when comparing  marketing, selling and negotiation skills, real estate knowledge, experience, and the effort and work they actually put in to sell your home.

Again, one of the most telling ways to differentiate between agents is to look at their actual track record of exactly how many homes they have actually sold in the last 2-3 years, and what sales ratios (List Price vs. Sale Price; average days on the market) they have. In practice you’ll find most agents are very reluctant to provide such detailed data on their true performance of listing and selling homes, usually because they don’t have a very  strong track record. Even though the last couple of years have been hard going for the local real estate market, my team and I have not only maintained a strong, consistent sales  record, but have actually grown our business significantly.

Using our truly comprehensive marketing program and our  strong negotiation skills, we have been very successful at listing and selling homes that other agents have previously failed to sell.

If you’d like to learn more about our services (without any obligation or sales pressure whatsoever) call me right now at (408) 888-0070.

Your’s sincerely, the Realtor Team with Intero Real Estate Services – ‘Top 1%’  Realtor



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